FirstLight Transformations
FirstLight Transformations

autumn forestAn Earth Retreat is a precious opportunity to explore and enliven all seven directions in the circle of your life. Using meditation, ceremony and personal guidance, you’ll be supported to merge with the vastness and truth of your soul's amazing Light (and, in the process, heal any resistance to doing so), evolve an increasingly rich and intimate relationship with your Creator and deepen your relationship with the Earth and her healing- and wisdom-filled gifts. You'll also be supported to awaken the inner Silence and clarity that will allow you to attune to your soul's guidance and incorporate your growth into your daily life.

The retreats include visits to sacred sites that have been used for teaching, ceremony, spiritual awakening and healing for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. After an orientation and introduction to open you to the beautiful possibilities that await you, you'll spend time at these sites, largely in ceremony and silence, to provide in-depth, solo time with the Earth, Creator and your Self.

We'll also spend time together, helping you:

Return home expanded and renewed, feeling deeply alive, and deeply loved and supported by your Earth mother and Creator, with your heart, mind and senses open wide to the wonder of life.

cave painting

Please contact Cynthia with questions, or to schedule a retreat for an individual or small group (maximum of 5 people) for 1-3 days:
, or call 505-428-0905.