FirstLight Transformations
FirstLight Transformations

Embracing It All: A Loving Path to Oneness
A Nine-Month Mentoring Program with Cynthia Lane, M.A.
January — September, 2020

Paris MagdalenaeThe universe is showering us with an abundance of divine gifts to support our journey into a life filled with a joy and fulfillment beyond anything we previously imagined possible.

As part of this journey, we are shedding—both individually and collectively---deeply- embedded, belief-based limitations, so that we can integrate the expansive, Light-filled, new human paradigm now being shared with us.

And all we have to do to participate fully in this beautiful journey is open and receive. This is the path of Grace.

Through a balance of group and individual guidance, this nine-month mentoring program will open each of us to an array of powerful and transformative blessings flowing into us effortlessly from divine Love and divine Light.

These exquisite gifts will help dissolve all forms of resistance (mental, emotional, physical), to anything inside or outside us that inhibits our ability to merge with the Infinite, with Light and with Love.

We will learn to embrace and cherish (rather than resist or judge) everything about ourselves, others, the world around us, with vast love and compassion, until everything in our experience simply merges with us, becomes us. Judgment and resistance, all sense of separateness, dissolve.

Then we know ourselves and all else to be an endless ocean of Oneness and divine Love.

Silent Retreat / Earth Retreat

This five-day retreat will combine ceremony, time with the Earth and two days of silence to help you merge with the Earth’s unconditional love and support, wisdom, healing and boundless beauty. You’ll learn to live in your body, enhance your senses, feel (rather than think about) life and let Silence guide you in every moment of every day.

The Earth’s Silence is your Silence. Your experience of Oneness with her will open the door widely to receive her healing, strengthening and nourishing gifts.

Program Format

Registration and Fees

Program fee without the retreat: $1750.00
Retreat fee: $375.00

To register:

  1. Send a statement of any length describing your intentions, expectations and/or hopes for the program.
  2. Send payment either by:
    1. Check or money order, made out to “Cynthia Lane,” and mail to: 919 Manzana Ct., Santa Fe, NM 87507; or
    2. Paypal: Request a Paypal invoice from me ( or use the Paypal button at the bottom of the Mentoring page on my website:

Full payment is due by January 12, 2020, unless we pre-arrange a special payment schedule. Retreat participants will also be responsible for all transportation, food and housing costs. Because this is in part a silent retreat, I will be arranging facilities where we can all stay in one place. Details on that when you register.

Participant Comments

Cynthia's mentoring program has brought me from living life in my head to my heart. I am profoundly connected to my unique Self, which has created a joy and freedom I didn't know was possible. The gifts I am discovering and receiving are beyond words. She has incredible wisdom, taught with patience, love and gentle guidance. A big surprise has been that transformation is possible from Being not doing. I highly recommend her program to all. —Sunny Lange, Sebastopol, CA

Humanity is on a new trajectory, opening us to new ways of Being, personally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Cynthia’s mentoring program enabled me to tune into and align myself with these new energies. Her ability to shine the Light of awareness and its possibilities onto everyone in the group helped us open the door to our own experience of being a “new human,” and living and creating from the space of divine Love, Peace and Grace.

Cynthia also helped me navigate through old emotional wounds and habits that prevented me from feeling the joy of life’s possibilities. Her gentle yet firm reminders to “open and receive,” resonated with me more and more completely over time.

I am grateful to have a mentor and friend in Cynthia, and deeply appreciate the growth and possibilities her program offered me. I’m excited about what lies ahead! —Mary Zaleski, Flemington, NJ

What can be said about one who so simply enlightens, easily enlivens, and gently guides? Always and only Awake, fully Present, in deep in Aliveness, Cynthia is such a One for sure! She is a vast treasure, a simple sage, and a wise woman beyond all measure, whose many gifts of grace I treasure.

Mentoring with Cynthia, I sometimes arise beyond my mind on a widening river of nothing known, and there is Wisdom. Or, I might land within my warm animal body, or some other cosmic sea of something, and there is Being. But then, inside my heart, an explosion of Light on an infinite ocean of Love, and I know I am awake inside of everything.

Maybe the deepest mysteries unfurl like a river, open on a sea, and rest as open ocean; I can’t say for certain. What I do know, what I can say, is this: It is good medicine to see and be seen in this way, and I am grateful for Cynthia’s many, Many gifts of guidance. —David Kisling, Seattle, WA

I have worked with Cynthia frequently over the past several years via workshops, personal sessions and most recently by participating in her mentoring program. Cynthia has shown me so many wonderful, new ways of seeing and experiencing the world and has reinforced my connection with the Earth and Nature. She has a “knowing” and has been such a blessing in my journey of spiritual growth, expansion and ultimate freedom. Who knew there were so many layers to peel off!

Working with Cynthia through the workshops and mentoring program has provided me with such a wonderful sense of connection to so many light-filled people. To have such a sense of belonging and to know you are always supported and loved is just beyond words. —Joanne Seyl, Silver Spring, MD

Cynthia has brought a new level of understanding to me as far as who I TRULY AM. The everyday stuff — the hurts, the insecurities, the deficiencies, the challenges we are faced with — begin to pale as we are reminded, and worked on, to be the beautiful light beings that we are. She has the gifts to move us forward in our evolution and I am forever grateful. —Arlene Maguire, Ramona, CA


Payment can be made by check, money order or Paypal. (See Paypal button below.)
To send a check or money order, mail to: Cynthia Lane, 919 Manzana Court, Santa Fe, NM 87507