FirstLight Transformations

"I have met with numerous healers and spiritual teachers and, amidst the myriad available today, Cynthia is the rarest and most precious diamond. Cynthia is a hugely loving, heart-centered being, a celebration of Infinite Light in human form whose gift of healing and intuition come from this Light. So, much more than a spiritual teacher or healer, Cynthia is a Grand Facilitator. Rather than coming from a fixed teaching or system, she powerfully facilitates the unfolding of your utterly unique expression of Infinite Light. As a healer, she comes from a place of infinite Being. As an awakened being, she embodies this realization through a complete embrace of the planet and the human condition. Beyond the categories of healer and teacher, Cynthia is simply a blessing to all.

"Who would have thought that such a clear healer and realized being a source of infinite Light and deep human compassion could be expressed through the humble bundle of joy that is Cynthia! I wholeheartedly give Cynthia my highest recommendation!"
—Mark Okita, Honolulu, HI

the lions mouth

"Even meeting Cynthia briefly at several Bill Bauman retreats over recent years, I felt the blessing of Light and Love she was showering on everyone she met, and surely the whole planet. But it was only after having a private teleconference session and an in-person group workshop with Cynthia in early 2012 that I came to know the true power of her healing gifts.

"During a one-day workshop that included instruction in how to "create from source" through the Polar Bear medicine, a troublesome neck pain that had defied multiple attempts to repair began to heal itself miraculously. This physical transformation was grounded even further with Cynthia's deep intuitive insight into a lingering belief that was inhibiting the full flow of incoming Light and energy through my physiology. The experience shifted my whole consciousness into a more alive state of Oneness that relieved the neck pain and opened a much greater range of motion. Cynthia empowered the shift of a physiological concern into the realm of consciousness from where it could be healed with ease. I believe Cynthia is an awakened soul and a powerful healer and modern day shaman."
—Chris Allen, Asheville, NC

"Cynthia's unique combination of expansive, divine perspective and down-to-earth humanity creates deep trust and invites soulful collaboration. In a session, her radiant light shines through gifts of vision, wisdom and loving compassion to bring me clarity, comfort and a more powerful inspiration to fully embrace Life's magic."
—JoAnne Smith, Mill Valley, CA

"Cynthia Lane is a masterful presence who lovingly supports, guides and holds the space for the wonder of the Divine, that is you, to make itself known. She is a true gift to this planet!"
—Anita Vizcarra, San Diego, CA

"Cynthia is the person I call whenever I need help or clarity with the most intimate, vulnerable and important parts of my life. She understands the emotions and confusions of human life and has great wisdom in the ways of healing. I completely trust her words and truths, because she comes from a deep place of knowing and sees people in the wholeness and beauty of who they really are. She inspires me by reminding me of my true nature and gently guides me to a place of alignment with that source."
—Mona Posner, San Marcos, CA

"I endorse Cynthia's teleseminars 200%. Her wisdom comes from beyond any field of measurement, although she's able to brilliantly and seamlessly translate it for anyone.The impact of her translations resonated energetically on a very deep level...feeling new frequencies integrate and awaken the cellular structure. Simultaneously they also pointed into the great vastness of who we really are, rekindling that memory, and allowing that Light of Oneness to permeate whatever illusions challenged each of us.

"Cynthia will help you invite polar bear medicine into your field; this medicine is powerful. I resonate with polar bear medicine, especially now, because Nature is pointing me out of my own cave of hibernation, to engage once more in the world. The frequency of the seminar took us into our own teaching landscapes. For me, I felt a shifting of the poles within and the thawing of frozen emotions which previously would have felt dangerous. The wisdom I found allowed awareness, thawing, and integration.

"The organization of Cynthia's presentations was remarkably cohesive. Meaningful metaphors and poetry complemented the incredibly deep, heart-centered meditations. The package was perfectly aligned with my particular needs, and I feel most appreciative of the new skills that I am taking with me."
—Deni Kurtz, La Jolla, CA

"Cynthia has the unique gift of being able to assist anyone in reconnecting to their own divine presence or divine Self. After a visit with her, I am totally uplifted in spirit, mind and body with a new perspective on everything."
—David Chaladoff, Carmel, CA

"I experience Cynthia's healing presence as full of unconditional love and deep wisdom. She is uniquely gifted in assisting with the clearing of old patterns, and in evoking her client's true nature."
—Carol Parker, Santa Fe, NM

"Cynthia's uplifting, intuitive compassion has effectively and gently moved me from being stuck in painful healing crises to feeling ease and grace flow though my body and me. She works powerfully, with great love and respect for all life. To work with her is a great blessing."
—Gail Stein, Hendersonville, NC

"When working with Cynthia, I feel complete trust, allowing me to be fully open to divine gifts of healing. I have experienced energetic changes happening within me. Because of Cynthia's ability to be a pure and powerful conduit of divine love and healing, I am stronger and more whole."
—Faye Bates, Santa Fe, NM