FirstLight Transformations

New Light: A New Paradigm for Humanity


This five-part series is based on Cynthia’s remarkable 2017 mentoring program, “Living Infinite Freedom.” Each recording is rich in expansive knowledge, profoundly transforming meditations and Grace-filled resonance, all shared with grounded wisdom, warm humor and deep compassion.

Part 1: Grace and Miracles
Part 2: Unconditional Love and Healing
Part 3: New Light: A New Paradigm for Humanity
Part 4: Aligning with the Earth
Part 5: Oneness with Earth and Cosmos

Parts 1 and 2 open the listener to allowing pure Grace to be the main vehicle for growth and healing. The meditations share amazingly effortless and remarkable approaches to facilitate this powerful shift.

Part 3 opens the listener to a totally new paradigm for humanity, that I call New Light. With beauty and simplicity, the listener can move out of all the beliefs that have defined or limited his/her ideas about human possibilities and immerse him/herself in a truly new, brilliant and boundless way of being.

Part 4 offers an easily learned technique to align or unify ourselves with the Earth’s energy system, so that we can live on Mother Earth in a perpetual flow of mutual love and support.

Part 5 continues the process of immersion in the New Light and brings the listener into a blissful state of total union with the Earth and Cosmos.

Price: $175 for set of 5 MP3s or CDs


A Divine Light Trilogy

Profound and powerful, this set of three MP3s/CDs is based on Cynthia Lane's 2016 mentoring program "Birthing the Cosmic You." The inspired teaching in these recordings brings grounded wisdom to many spiritual questions, while the deeply transforming and healing meditations bring more clarity, aliveness, expansion and peace each time you use them.
Price: $108 for set of 3CDs or MP3s

Divine Light 1
Finding Divinity Everywhere
The remarkable knowledge and meditations on this beautiful recording, especially if used regularly, will cultivate the ability to find Divinity in every sensory perception. They'll help take you beyond any judgments, expectations and filters that may now color your perception, until only one interpretation of life remains: the exquisite fulfillment of finding God everywhere, in everything and in everyone.

Divine Light 2
Infinite Freedom: The Gift of Grace
The extraordinary content of this recording is the direct and powerful blessing of Grace expressing as Divine Light. Its teachings and meditations provide an effortless path to healing on all levels. It will bring you into Oneness with your infinite Truth and help you integrate or ground that Truth into the reality of your daily life.

Divine Light 3
In the Beginning, There Was Light
These recordings will take you on extraordinary journeys to the beginning of our universe, when the almost unimaginable brilliance and creativity of divine Light birthed our cosmos . . . including you. Become the amazing Light you were in the beginning, and still are, and create your life anew from the vast primordial power and unlimited potential of the FirstLight of creation.


The Mary Magdalene Teleconferences, Parts 1 and 2

Part 1: Mary Magdalene's Light and the Birthing of the New Earth/the New You

Mary MagdelineAs I traveled through France in 2013, I became aware that the divine feminine Light that showed up as the historical figure Mary Magdalene is pouring her brilliance into the lives of people everywhere with unprecedented immediacy, power and accessibility.

All we have to do is open and receive. This teleconference series supports our ability to do just that.

With extraordinary and unfailing love, Mary Magdalene's Light is here for each of us as a personal form of Grace. That Grace wants to ensure that we enjoy life's most expansive, creative, inspired and love-filled possibilities, as they open before us. It wants to help us welcome and realize the full promise of a beautiful new life on Earth as it unfolds its miracles.

Both the spoken content and meditations on these CDs facilitate oneness with Mary Magdalene's exquisite Light, as her multi-faceted Grace empowers our leap into a whole new level of functioning — physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually — in which divine love and compassion, joy-filled gratitude and a profound sense of the miraculous infuse every moment.

Price: $112 for set of 3 MP3s or CDs, including shipping (Special fee for those who took the teleconference in 2013: $50, including shipping)

Part 2: Mary Magdalene's Light: Moving into Joy

The Infinite knocks on our door every minute of every day in a multitude of ways, providing us with virtually limitless opportunities to discover who we truly are. The magnificent, divine feminine Light we call Mary Magdalene is knocking on our door now, continuously pouring her Grace into our lives and playing a major role in our current planetary and personal awakening.

Mary Magdalene's divine feminine Light inspires and suffuses this second teleconference series, as it did the first. Her endlessly expansive and compassionate Presence invites us to experience a once, barely-imaginable quality of fulfillment and joy, including seeing and experiencing life from the perspective of the Divine.

Through the spoken content and meditations in this three-part teleconference recording, Mary's Light eases our way to union with the Infinite and shows us how to fill every cell in our bodies with divine Love.

As with the first Mary Magdalene teleconference, this offering joins with that divine "effort" to help us participate in this sublime transformation and celebration of all existence. We simply have to open and receive, without restriction or limitation of any kind. It is, purely and simply, her gift to us at this special time in human history.

Price: $112 for set of 3 MP3s or CDs, including shipping (Special fee for those who took the teleconference in 2013: $50, including shipping)

CD: Life as a Dream of Light

Recorded in 2012, this CD contains four powerful meditations to support your unity with divine Light and its infinite Source. The fruit of many personal sessions and teleconferences, it facilitates:

CD price: $35. Please include your shipping address with your order.


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